Mission Statement

Our Mission is to make your golf learning experience the best it can possibly be so you can be the best you can possibly be. Period! - Lou Guzzi

The Lou Guzzi Golf Academy & Talamore Family of Clubs has a serious yet simple mission; to make your golf experience the best it can possibly be by providing you, the student with solid fundamentals that have been proven to stand the test of time by the greatest players in the world. Whether it's the full swing, putting, chipping, bunker play or course management, your golf lesson will be fun and easy to understand.

What You Will Learn

You will learn Lou's 3 Level Swing System to Building A Solid Golf Swing. This 3 Level Swing System will become the foundation for constructing your full golf swing, consistently controlling the trajectory of your ball and hitting your irons the proper distance. This 3 Level Swing System will give you an arsenal of shots to choose from based on the conditions and the club you select.

Computerized Video Technology like face-on and down-the-line cameras along with our State-of-the-Art aboutGolf Simulator and our FlightScope Launch Monitor Technology for tracking your swings will be used to enhance your progress. We also have a large selection of teaching aids to provide instant feedback.

With the ability to teach 12 months out of the year at Talamore Country Club's State of the Art Outdoor & Indoor Golf Training Facility, , Heated with our Famous Wood Burning Stove, ourAward Winning Golf Course and our highly popular Global Golf Schools makes the Lou Guzzi Golf Academy at Talamore Family of Clubs one of the premier Golf Coaching and Training Facilities in the country.


"Lou always brings me back when I get off course. The Academy is a wonderful place to continue to learn."
Dr Jon Wolfe
Owner, Dermatology Associates of Plymouth Meeting
"Lou keeps it simple, which is perfect for all skill levels."
Liam Hart
Pennsylvania State Champion

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